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Witty Fools Productions


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Hello and welcome to Witty Fools Productions' home away from home on the 'Net.  Please take a minute to browse through our site!

Our Mission

Witty Fools is dedicated to making and promoting independent films and projects.

Company Profile

Alex Morrison is a freelance filmmaker/cinematographer/photographer based in Oberlin, Ohio.  He is a graduate of Ithaca College with a Bachelorís Degree in Cinema and Photography.  He has created seven short films, including an award winning short "Meditations on Being Human," and a short experimental documentary studying the qualities inherent in motherhood. 

Alex has also become an accomplished event photographer and has an interest in environmental, social, and human interest stories.

He is currently working as a freelance photography assistant for agencies in Cleveland Ohio, and has created The Foxgrape Film Series in affiliation with the Microcinema movement.  The Microcinema movement supports small cinemas with a desire to show the diverse range of filmmaking which is rarely seen in mainstream media.  The works are created by those who infrequently have the opportunity to be screened, giving a voice to a large body of work by local and national filmmakers.

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7070 W Sunset Blvd Suite 222 LA, CA 90028
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